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It's a ficlet about Micaiah (well mostly about her brother, but it will affect her greatly), but feel free to turn it into an RP if you wish.

Character Bio

 My character bio. Any constructive criticism or advice is welcomed. Character still being developed.


Bomber Command - October 1941

After the invasion, the focus of the campaign shifts to bombing raids. Dex's specal bombs have been designed to break open the mountains without damaging the bases within in the hope of gaining samples of enemy technology. Meanwhile, the fighter pilots of the flying legion find themselves on escort duty, working closely with the bomber crews for the first time.

The postcard - August 1946

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We arrived today in Brno but didn't go to my town, I'm not ready yet. We stay in a hotel tonight and go there early tomorrow. Brno hasn't changed much, factories were built and are in ruins but the centre is just as I remember it even though the people seem scarred somehow. Comet thankyou for taking charge, I'm sorry to ask you again after the last times. I hope everything is going to plan at the base. Give our love to Gail and Ruby.

I was thinking about the problems I'm having writing Stas. Originally he was supposed to be one of those bitter, twisted pilots with a death wish who flies brilliantly but recklessly and then somehow I ended up giving him all these nerves. He wasn't meant to have flying nerves at all. And it's so hard not to cross that line where someone just has angst instead of a back story. It's like every time I write him he just has nothing going for him, which wasn't the idea at all. And the stuff here isn't even reprasentative because some of the bits I'm actually pleased with were written during numerous AIM convos and never posted here. It's like he just has too many issues and they all come out when he's with Comet for some reason and he's much more normal with other people. It's almost like, how are he and Comet friends? They're just horrible to each other. Maybe when I write I focus too much on what'll feel good at the time, like wangst or whatever. I don't know.

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Jul. 22nd, 2005

A month has passed and the robot attacks are coming thick and fast. Nobody knosw where they came from or where they go if they're not shot down fast enough.

Nobody expected to be flying so much, but they're fighting a pretty full-time battle just to keep their base from being destroyed. One formation has just come in, a little battered but lucky to have escaped with their lives. Chances are they'll barely have time to refuel before being sent up again.

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RR Fic:The Party

September 1942.The Legion has disbanded, and Stas now has Dex's backing to start his Air Freight company. He's hunted down everyone he can from The Legion and invited them to an evening at the base, to explain what the company's about and try and persuade them to join.

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Most importantly, have fun!

New co-mod, drellakowalski

((lasergirl, if there's anything I've forgotten gimme a poke, okay!))

OC: Bio "Wolf"

A Biography, Presented for One's Reading Pleasure...

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More Spirit 39

Short fic by drellakowalski and lasergirl, worked up from a realtime chat between lasergirl, drellakowalski , and initially, sky_julia. Stas has gathered his old friends from the FL together to try and get them interested in Spirit 39.

If anyone wants me to edit, just let me know the changes in a comment.

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