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Character Bio

 My character bio. Any constructive criticism or advice is welcomed. Character still being developed.

OC Biography: Micaiah Soledad Flores

Born August 6th 1918, in the province of Ourense, Galacia, Spain, she lived there for most of her childhood on a farm with her family. The youngest of four children: Ciro, Ismael and Enrique (in that order) are her three elder brothers. Ciro is fifteen years her senior, Ismael ten and Enrique the closest at five.

When the Spanish civil war broke out in 1932, she was just fourteen years old and living on the farm with her parents, Enrique and an assortment of livestock. When the nationalists attacked, they were caught in the crossfire and assumed enemies. At the time, Enrique was out shooting rabbits leaving the three of them in the living room.

Upon hearing the sound of gunshots close by, her mother sent her down through the trapdoor in the living room floor, which was covered by a rug. Nationalist men stormed the house, and assumed that her father was their enemy. At this point, she refuses to speak about what she saw through the gaps in the floorboards, and it is only known that as a result, her mother was killed and her father blinded.

At the last moment, Enrique arrived with reinforcements of Spanish rebels, who saved her father’s life and dispersed the nationalist men from the farm. Deciding that it was no longer safe for them in the country, Enrique managed to sneak the three of them on board a ship bound for America. This split the family in two, leaving Ciro, Ismael and their families stuck in war-torn Spain.

Upon arriving in America, they were penniless and facing the constant threat of deportation. Micaiah was regularly seen at the P.K. and Sons’ garage in the Bronx area of New York, where she learnt much about engines and machinery, developing a strong fascination with them. Eventually, after two years of scraping and saving, they were able to afford a very small apartment and Micaiah got a job at the garage.

A year later, after the death of Phillip Kingsley her employer, his sons dispersed leaving her in control of the garage. It was in 1938 that she first met Polly Perkins, a small repair job involving her camera. After pushing aside initial impressions, the two became good friends. When Joe mentioned to Polly that he was in desperate need of staff, she happened to drop her name into the equation.

Micaiah is distinctly feminist, her attitude being very much “whatever you can do, I can do better.” She is determined to make the world a better place with equal rights for women and wants to leave her mark in the world. She also tends to have violent mood swings and can be very aggressive with little provocation.

This behaviour, and generally being uncomfortable with her gender, can be concluded to be a direct result of whatever she saw in 1932. It is unknown what other effects the traumatic event could possibly have had on her, but it is very likely that there are other, as of yet unnoticed, side-effects. These could come to light at any moment, should any other traumatic event take place. For now, she is blissfully unaware.

 Her personal motto, being a mechanic and Spanish, is an old Spanish saying meant to teach everyone that they are important and that they have a place in life. In this case, it is even more relevant than usual.

Es el destino de alguno a volar; es el destino de otros para darles las alas. Which translates as: It is the destiny of some to fly; it is the destiny of others to give them wings.

Writing Sample

“Micaiah, talk to me.” Enrique was almost begging her now. She hadn’t spoken in three months, not since mother had died. It was like her mouth had seized up, her tongue cut out. Before, she had been ever so talkative, much like her mother. It only served as a reminder of what once had been. He took her head between his hands, brushing a few tiny curls away. Her gaze dropped away from his, as if she wanted to disappear. “Please...you can’t keep going like this...I can’t...I need your help.”

He could almost burst into tears. His father was weak, blind, penniless and unable to care for himself. He’d never work again and there was no way that Enrique could possibly manage another vegetable like father.

As if sensing his inner sorrow, Micaiah’s eyes found his again, and a warm smile spread across her face.

“Can I see the engines again?” she asked; Enrique almost fainted.



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