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The postcard - August 1946

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We arrived today in Brno but didn't go to my town, I'm not ready yet. We stay in a hotel tonight and go there early tomorrow. Brno hasn't changed much, factories were built and are in ruins but the centre is just as I remember it even though the people seem scarred somehow. Comet thankyou for taking charge, I'm sorry to ask you again after the last times. I hope everything is going to plan at the base. Give our love to Gail and Ruby.



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Sep. 30th, 2005 02:04 am (UTC)

Thankyou for the letter. We went yesterday to my hometown. Nothing changed really except for this big space where the factory was. Just this huge flat space of earth and rubble and a few flowers and plants starting to grow on it. There's a memorial there with the names of everyone who died and people have left flowers, and little candles burning in jars. The odd thing was that my and Maruska's names were there and had been scratched out. Maruska didn't want me to come here, she said there's no point torturing myself. She doesn't want to remember Moravia, it's a closed book for her. But I had to come, I knew I'd never feel right unless I went back. I didn't tell you that I went to see Sutherland before I went. He was very surprised as I hadn't been there for so long. He thought I should come here if I wanted to.

I was thinking about when the money comes rolling in and we get new planes and then I thought, maybe we should have our own planes. Dex could invent some for us, don't you think? And I've been worried that he hasn't had enough to do lately to make good use of his talents. What do you think?


PS: Tell me about everything that goes on at the base, I want to keep up! How's Joe and Dex, and Wolfe?
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Oct. 25th, 2005 07:20 am (UTC)

I'm coming back this week! It's nice being here but I just miss you lot and the company too much. Anyway it's about time I actually did some work for my own company instead of taking time out all the time!

The mystery of the memorial was solved, someone did a story here after the regime changed, about how I survived and met my sister again and the names were scratched out then. We were cornered in a hospoda (that's basically a pub) by some people who recognised me from the article. They all seemed to admire me for running away, though, and didn't blame me for the bombing at all, which was nice. I know there are some people here who still wouldn't be so pleasant about it, though. You still have to watch what you say in public.

Like I said I miss you and I want to buy planes! I assume we've got more cash than we did last time we had to do this. Think we can run to Hercs? I still think Dex should make us some planes, which nobody else has got, but maybe I'm just getting ahead of myself.

We're spending another day in Prague (I love it here a lot, even though Brno will always be *my* capital!) and flying home on Thursday. So should see you then!

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